1. What is your name and your age?
My name is Qetesh and I’m 25 years old.

2. How long have you worked in the sex work business?
I have been working in the sex business for a couple of years now.

2a. What is your original country?
Somewhere in Asia.

2b. How long have you been in Denmark?
I have been here for almost 3 years now.

2c. Did you work with sex before you came to Denmark?
No, I did not.

3. What kind of sex work do you do and where do you do it?
I only offer regular sex. I rent a place.

4. What do you think is the biggest advantage about being a sex-worker?
The biggest advantage about being a sex-worker is that it gives me two things: money and freedom.

5. Do you think that media and politicians presents a correct image of prostitution and your work? If not, what is wrong?
No, I don’t. They think I’m a victim of sex trafficking which is absolutely not correct.

6. Some politicians and feminists regularly says that “No sexworker has taken a free choice”. What do you think about that, and do you feel forced to do your work?
Those who say “No sexworker has taken a free choice” are self-righteous and self-opinionated people, who never listen to anybody’s but themselves. My only fear is to be victim of the government’s help program for people like me. I always make my own choice and no one ever forced me into it.

6a. Have you been trafficked/forced to work with sex in Denmark?
No, I have not.

6b. Why do you work with sex?
Because of money, it’s fun and I learn so many things.

7. Is it difficult to stand forward in public as a sexworker? If yes, why?
Yes, it is. As we all know, not all people understand it.

8. What do you think about some feminists and politicicians wishes to criminalize sexwork and/or the customers?
I think some of them just want people to think that they are doing something good and some of them just want to do what they think is a good move for their career.

9. What do you think would improve your working conditions?
If the law was changed I could get a working permit for this job.

10. Is there anything else, you want to add about sex work and/or the public debate?
I think the government should pass a bill making prostitution equal to other occupations. After all it’s just another job.

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